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James B.

I just want to share a little about my kid...he did his first round of HDT Kids this past round. In the first week, I had to prod him a little to get his workouts done. But after that, he motivated himself to do them, without reminders from me. In fact, there were days I drew from his motivation when I didn't want to complete my workouts. He still has work to do and goals he wants to achieve, but I am proud that he stuck with it and completed the workouts. An area where he still needs to work are the activity minutes. He doesn't have many solid male role models around, so just having Bryan program his workouts and the group to show him what's possible and how strong and motivating all of you are...I am grateful. Not only did he drop a few pounds, he proved to himself that he could do it. He said to me that when he was doing his own workouts, he didn't push himself, he did what was easy for him. But with this, he had to push himself.

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Your Coach's Certifications & Experiences

  • Masters In Applied Human Anatomy (CWRU SoM) 

  • Certified Personal Trainer (NASM)

  • Mental Toughness Training Certified (NASM)

  • TRX Suspension Training Certified (TRX)

  • 75+ GORUCK (or similar) Events Finished

 With his Master's in Applied Human Anatomy and being a CPT, he is giving you a more rounded and structure based program that has a rhyme and reason for everything we do. 

What you are in for?

  • A personal touch to your training, Bryan is regularly available to help with adjustments and modifications for any and all exercises and workouts. He is also there to keep you motivated when you aren't, if you aren't feeling up to a workout, we'll get a live stream going and he'll knock out some work with you and others when available.

  • Accountability, this is the staple of our program and why it works for so many (if you don't believe us look at the reviews above). You will have the option to be paired up with another participant to keep each other accountable in getting the work done each week. When you log workouts and your battle buddy verifies them, your team gets points, those points accumulate for your team. The Top 3 teams will get discount codes for a future round of HDT (25, 50, or 75% off). In the event of a tie, there will be a AMRAP tie-breaker on the Sunday of Week 6. If you fly solo or sign up late you would not be in the running for the Top 3.

  • Structure, purpose & reason, over the 6 weeks we will progress from simplistic movements and lighter weights to more complex movements and higher weights, while also still allowing for scalability. Each week is set up with an Upper, Lower, and Core based workout, each of those workouts will fall into a category of a "solid overall workout", more "cardio/muscle endurance based", and the "soul crusher". Over the 6 weeks the body regions we work will rotate appropriately though those categories of workouts to allow for the most rest and recovery where needed. There will always be a reason for what you are doing and when you will be doing it.

  • Another workout you'll be doing each week is the Care Package (CP), which is an AMRAP that runs anywhere between 15-30 mins. You'll get to log your reps and weights on our site so you can see your progress, these AMRAPs do show up in later rounds sometimes. 


  • Along with those 3 workouts & CP you'll be doing a slick (no weight) run or strict ruck (no running, both feet need to on the ground at all times) each week with set goals based on your pre-training. These distances are yours to determine as everyone is at a different level of experience. If you beat your goals, we will give you new ones, you will always be pushed, but your goal will be attainable.

  • The last thing you will be doing is a single 6-mile AFAP (As Fast As Possible) ruck in the first 3 weeks and a single 12-mile AFAP ruck in the last 3 weeks.

So what are you in for?

The 4 GAINS and 2 DROPS

GAINS in strength, GAINS in confidence, GAINS in camaraderie, GAINS in your conditioning,DROPS in runs/ruck times per mile, and much more. Making you healthier, stronger, more confident, and ready for whatever life brings you is our business & we are pretty damn good at it.



You or your kid(s) will be doing your workouts over the next 6 weeks using one or all of the following, your own body weight, a weighted ruck/backpack, and/or a sandbag(s).

We offer multiple versions of HDT allowing any level of fitness to take part, you will choose which version after sign up...

  • Sandbag & Ruck+ (SB&R+) Version: Most advanced option we have, you will be using your BW, weighted ruck and a sandbag for the workouts, along with an additional list of items specific to training for Selection, Team Assessment, or alike.

    • Purchase List: 

      • All Required Items on GORUCK Selection or Team Assessment Packing List

      • 5 Gallon bucket (x2)

      • 50# Bags of Play Sand (x1)

      • Deck of Cards

      • Black Permanent Marker

      • Minimum 25 ft x 1in Rope

      • 4x4x8 lumber

      • 2 Heavy duty screw in eyelets (needs to be able to screw into the wood and hold 100# of weight hanging downwards)

      • 2 climbing/weight bearing carabiners

      • 2 - 24in lengths of chain

      • Access to water


  • Sandbag & Ruck (SB&R) Version: More strength based program, typically using heavier weights and you will be using your BW, weighted ruck and a sandbag(s) for the workouts.


  • Body Weight & Ruck (BW&R) Version: More muscle endurance based exercises while still getting some strength aspects while using your BW and a weighted ruck the workouts.


  • Body Weight Only (BW) Version: Introductory level and mostly cardio/stamina based exercises while using just your BW for workouts.


  • KIDS Version: For your mini-you we will be using a light weighted ruck and/or BW for workouts while going with higher sets and lower reps, along with more rest mixed in the workouts.


To get the CARC Rufus Challenge Coin you need to complete 10 Rounds of Heavy Drop Training with us and completed one (if not more) of your goals you had coming into the program.

To get the PF/HDT Finisher Patch you must do the bundle purchase and complete 90% of the HDT program within the designated weeks over the course of the program, along with finishing the PATHFINDER Class.

When you sign up for your first round of HDT you will get the "Rufus HDT" Patch mailed to you. This patch can not be bought and only goes to those partaking in HDT. 

"No one cares what you can do fresh"

When you sign up for your first round of HDT you will get the "Rufus HDT" Patch mailed to you. This patch can not be bought and only goes to those partaking in HDT. 

"No one cares what you can do fresh"

  • Sign up your Rucking Crew/Group/Club for a 10% discount on Heavy Drop Training, by filling the form out below. All applications are to be reviewed, acceptance or denial is at the discretion of Cleveland Area Rucking Crew. Each round we will go through re-verification process. Discounts do not stack with additional discounts won by top 3 battle buddy teams.
  • Those participants that do back to back rounds with us get a 20% off discount code for the following HDT Round and Inter-Round programs, unless other discounts are occurring that give a better discount. 
  • When you finish 5 Rounds with us and get a personal 15% off discount code to share with others, with every 5 uses you get a free round on the house with us to use for yourself or give to others.
  • We are partnered with PATHFINDER Ruck Training, which gives you a 15% off discount on both HDT and Pathfinder when signed up for both programs. Some rounds this may not be offered due to how things line up with both programs.
  • Each round we give out 20 free sign ups (our On The House Appreciation give away) to either military, first respondents, nurses, or other service groups.
The current round we are giving out rounds to those on the front lines of the COVID-19 outbreak and also those who are financially hit by the current situations with COVID-19 and can't swing the cost of the program currently but want to workout with us. If you feel you qualify for a free round with us please fill out the below form and we will contact you prior to the start of the coming round with a discount code if we have not filled the 20 spots yet.

Ruck Club Discount Form

OTH Round Appreciation Form

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